Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Is Spring?

What Is Spring?

Spring is…

A time to stretch.
A time to reflect on where the year will take you.  Time to wake up from your winter slumber.

A time for flowers.
The most vibrant of all the seasons.  Soak up the colors as they abound.  

A time for vegetables.
 So many to choose from.  It can feel like watching a baby grow into a beautiful adult.

A time for finishing projects.
So many things were promised at the beginning of winter.  Where did the time go?  Best to hurry and don't delay.  Spring is calling, "Come out and play!"
A time for new life.
New birds, new puppies, new kitties, too.  New rabbits, new chickens.  All brand new.

 A time for love.
Look inward and find the love within your own home.  Appreciate the love that surrounds us in nature.  

 May your Spring be filled with abundance. 

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