Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014 Vet Visit, Cooley, Kitchen Rack

Today I woke up early to help Jace out with the puppy.  He is crying at night and it makes getting sleep hard.  This is just the puppy phase they all go through learning to sleep at night.  I don't think it should last much longer.  Right?

Jace has chosen the name Cooley Fuzzles McFeltingsley for the puppy.  A very long name for such a small puppy.  He said Cooley is the name of an Irish town.  Today we'll head over to the vet for a first visit, shots, and dewormer.  It's a tedious first group of visits but well worth it after six months.  We should have all the shots and deworming completed and had a visit to get fixed.

Today we're spending time getting caught up on homeschool.  This week we'll be taking a field trip so we're squeezing that day's work into our other days this week.  I'm going to start searching for a better spelling program since Rowan has difficulty in that area.

Today is crisp and cold.  There was lots of rain last night and lots of icicles this morning.  I noticed some garlic is coming up.  That's exciting since I've never grown any before.  In the hoop house the temperature was 59 degrees.  How cool is that?!

Inside I'm trying to get some cleaning and organizing done.  It's reached critical mass in here.  It starts to feel claustrophobic when there's too much disorganized clutter.

Spending the day tucked under a blanket with your favorite toy is the best!

 This is the kitchen rack I'm tackling today.  I actually took this picture after I had started cleaning it off.  It was in fact much worse.  Over time it has become this catch all for kitchen things.  When we redid our kitchen I got rid of the kitchen island with the storage underneath.  I opted to get this kitchen rack.  I love the idea of open storage and not having to dig around in low to the ground, dark cabinets.  I'm also a fan of the pictures I see of European style kitchens.  It's hard to keep neat and straightened all the time and if friends visit they might think you're a little messy.  I did manage to almost finish this today.  A little more dusting and moving around and it will be done. 

One more picture of the cuteness.   

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