Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014 A New Farm Friend

I'm up early and my fingers don't want to type.  I'm up early to work on a special surprise for Jace.  I really hope this works out...

The weather was nice this morning in the high 50's.  A little muggy.  Then the rain came and now the cold.  The temperature is down into the 40's for sure.  I still need to go get the chickens fed and watered.  I'm procrastinating.

23 days till planting!

 This plant is gorgeous.  I don't think I've ever had a plant like this one.  It was free.  Some days a company brings by all the flowers and plants they can't sell and donates them.  This plant was completely wilted.  It wasn't dead, though.  It was bone dry.  I thought it might be ok if I watered it and put it in the window for some daylight.  Within two hours it had perked all the way up.  It looks even better today.  I figured if it didn't survive at least the green planter could be reused.

Here's Jace's surprise.  It's a Maltipoochi.  I think that's a mix of maltese, poodle, and chihuahua.  It's a boy.  Jace hasn't named him yet.  It will probably be a few days before he settles on a name.  Rowan likes "Fuzzle."  His tummy is fat so we also called him "Mr. Waddles."  I suggested Thor and Fang.  I think he'll be a smart dog and good asset for the homestead.  Humor wise if not work wise.

The rest of the animals weren't sure what to make of him.  Lots of sniffing.  Lizzie is too rough right now so we'll have to watch their playing carefully lest she get carried away.  Peppermint seemed offended that he wasn't a cat.  She didn't mind him being around the water bowl at the same time she was eating next to it.  That's a good sign.  I kept Onslo away.  Since he's 6 years old he's more set in his ways and does snap at Lizzie to remind her who's boss.  I think we'll wait till this little guy is a bit bigger before a real introduction.

It looks like a night of being cozy and tucked in.  The weather has only gotten worse.  Things were freezing up outside this afternoon.  Hopefully the roads stay dry since I have to drive to work tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers the rest of the week will be much better than today.

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