Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014 Baby Cry

Oh boy.  That puppy sure is a baby cry at night.  That's what we call it around here instead of cry baby.  So I'm up early again to make sure Jace will get some sleep.

I'm kind of excited today.  It's warm enough to take Cooley outside.  There's a big wide world out there.  It turns out he did pretty well.  He ran and romped around for a little while.  He got scared and really wanted to hide under the truck so that was the end of play time.  I don't want to go looking under vehicles for him.  Time to come back inside.

I used the rest of my day working on homeschool with Rowan.  We finished up the work for this week so we'll be able to go on our field trip tomorrow.  I finished cleaning out and organizing my kitchen rack.  I took all the stuff off the china hutch and will resume the sanding project.

I'm working on a post that I'll share in some link parties.  I hope.

I didn't do anything outside today because the weather is still cloudy and cold.  I think I've reached the end of my endurance for cold weather this winter.  I'm ready for some nice days.

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