Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014 Pinterest Love and School Pictures

I am up at the crack of dawn!  In fact, it's even earlier than that.  Dawn is still in bed and won't be around for a few more hours.  You know who else is still in bed?  Rowan.  Today is field trip day and she doesn't want to wake up.  I could be upset about sacrificing my sleeping in desires because daylight savings time wreaks a little havoc in the routine.  But I'm not upset.  It's quiet.  Peace and quiet. 

Last night I started a list for my Spring Cleaning.  It grows to infinity.  Thanks to the sanding-the-china-hutch project I now have a fine mist of dust on every. single. surface.  This is not what I had envisioned for getting me motivated to clean.  However, it has its merits because it's working.  Plus the fact that we're hosting a slumber party on Saturday.  Oh yeah.  I have a terrible habit of taking on gigantic projects right before we are hosting some kind of shindig.

The GROSSEST thing I've done today is "take care of" all the roosters.  Ahem.  That's probably all that needs to be said.  We love homesteading!  Then nature got me back.  A bee stung me.  On my finger.

The BEST thing that happened to me today was finding something I had pinned on Pinterest.

This is the original picture I pinned.  I don't know the source and wish I could credit it but Pinterest is giving me a 404 error saying the page no longer exists.

Now many times I pin things and pretty much know they will never see the light of day at my house.  Many things are just too exorbitantly expensive or don't even exist in my neck of the woods.  So this image got tucked into interesting fantasy material.

Today as I was deciding where the day would go, I sat on Craigslist.  That is usually a quick browse because in my area they usually post about having free empty toilet paper rolls.  I regularly chat with my computer screen, "Why won't you sell anything good?!"

Today was different...  Today I scored.

This lovely ensemble was for sale and it was located less than 15 minutes from my house.  This is a miracle.  Now I ask you, how much do you think two, count them two, four foot solid wood with metal ladders and 3 solid wood shelves would cost?  Would you freak out if I said $15?  Well, I know I did.  I was a texting fool.  By 9:30 those babies were mine.

Homeschool affords me something important:  a lovely assistant.

She was happy to help me set this up for another little project.

School picture day.  This might be an area you don't think about when starting homeschooling.  I always hated buying school pictures.  When Rowan went to public school there was not a single school picture that came back looking decent.  It would irritate me to no end to get the pictures and her hair was all messy, sweaty, or one year she chewed on her shirt while waiting in the picture line.  Tons of money spent for bad pictures.  But now I just take pictures at home.  Any old time we feel like it.  It's also free.

And before I forget, here's where the ladders ended up.

They're in the hoop house, but I would think they'd be showing up just about anywhere this season.

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  1. I love your ladder shelves. What a wonderful project for you and your daughter. Your school picture is precious....SOO much better than ANY school picture I ever bought. You're right, they never turn out very good, and are a big waste of money. Thanks for sharing this adorable idea! ~Tammy