Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014 Strawberries, Peonies, and Honeysuckle

Sunday.  Ahhh.  Yesterday was a very horrible day.  I am glad that it is over.  I should have known it would be bad.  Onslo stood right in front of me and peed on the floor.  My mouth dropped.  My excessively potty trained dog just peed on my floor.  I'm pretty sure it was because it was cold outside and he was just being stubborn.  I'll keep an eye on him.  Work was chaotic.  It's so busy in winter.  It makes me very cranky.  So I got in an argument with Jace.  We stopped talking to each other for the day.  But then I didn't have a support system to whine to about my terrible day.  Thankfully, Saturday is over.

This morning I took some time to read one of my old blogs.  This is actually my third blog to write.  I think I felt I outgrew the old one.  It put me in a good mood reminiscing about some past garden adventures.  Things are definitely improving on this tiny homestead.

Today, is beautiful outside.  I can tell it's a day for getting some things done.  I want to keep a good schedule of cleaning out the chicken coop on Sundays so I'll be doing that first thing.  They sure do make a mess.

I planted 11 strawberry plants in the hoop house today.  The box said there would be 10 plants.  Ha!  I got an extra.  Should strawberries come in a box?  I know I planted strawberry seeds and I still have a pot of dirt.  Rowan wants strawberries so bad and I'd love to make that happen for her.  She may have to settle for an artificial strawberry plant.

Today is exceptionally beautiful.  I went around the yard taking some pictures.  In the hoop house I planted 11 strawberry plants, a clematis, and three more peonies.  I love peonies.  If they grow I will even try to paint a picture of one.

It's hard to see but this chicken has a tasty clover weed I picked out of the potato area I'm working on.  It has turned out to be a good idea to dump the weeds for them to sort through.

This is a winter honeysuckle.  It always blooms about this time.  It doesn't mind any freezing temps.  It's wonderful to sit next to and watch the bees on warm days like today.  I can get close enough to see the pollen they have stored on their legs.  The winter honeysuckle smells very sweet and like perfume.

These are poppies.  They will be red.  I harvested seeds last year and then scattered them over all the back garden beds.  They are quite whimsical and lovely when they bloom.  They are one of my favorite picture taking flowers.

This is from the nectarine tree.  Lovely buds of new leaves.  Some are already opening.  This tree did very well last year.  However, due to blustery spring winds, all the blossoms were blown off.  No nectarines :(


  1. I'm looking forward to your Strawberry progress! It's always exciting to think about Strawberries in February. What part of the country are you in?

  2. I'm in Central Texas. The strawberries are doing well in the hoop house. We've been lucky to not receive the white winter almost everyone else is getting.