Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4, 2014 *Groan*

And just as we were getting ready to sign on the dotted line... We changed our minds.  Rather, the bank changed our minds for us.

We are not getting a camper at this time.  When Jace had talked to the bank last Saturday, he was quoted an interest rate and monthly payment.  It turns out it wasn't the correct interest or monthly payment.  Today when we went into the bank to finalize the loan, we were met with the hard truth.  We could not comfortably afford the monthly payment.

It didn't take long for us to acknowledge that while we could make the payments, there would be no room for saving any money...to, you know, take trips.  Since that's what a camper is for, it didn't make sense.

So we left.  The Campy Camper place is trying their hardest to win us back.  They even offered to lower the price another thousand dollars.  How complimentary of them.  Which means if this hadn't happened I would be paying a thousand dollars more than I needed to.  Thanks a lot.

The rest of the day I spent being morose.  Another dream squashed.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I feel like it's happening repeatedly to me over the last year. 

I took out my depression/anger on the garden.  The grapevine/cucumber area is almost cleared!  I've been met with resistance from some scary looking ants.  It's gotten me to be able to imagine where I can plant some potatoes this year.  I just need to look up a few references and then I'll know where to plant them. 

In the hoop house there are lots of seeds growing.  So far I have seen Black Krim tomatoes, zinnias, marsh mallow, cucumbers, okra, and my peony.  It's very exciting to imagine having robust healthy plants ready to put in the ground at the end of March. 

All in all, while today was not my best and I felt defeated, I will get up again tomorrow. 

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