Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014 Potatoes Planted and A Couple of New Plants

Today I woke up feeling almost normal.  Outside the weather is looking a bit rainy or heavy fog.  This crosses off two of the things on my to do list that can't be done due to rain.  I wanted Jace to set a cedar post for the new chicken yard and I needed to water some trees.  As of right now that leaves me with just two other things to work on.

As it turns out the weather improved some.  I was able to plant a Silver Maple tree.  The tag says it grows to 55 feet tall and 45 feet wide.  We'll just see about that.  I also got a hosta plant to spruce up the area where the grapes are going.  I'm trying to follow what some of the gardens in the magazines have. 

It also turned out to be potato planting day.  There are now 15 seed potatoes in the ground.  I got a hold of some straw and put it over the top of the bed and then watered it down.  

Lastly I have a new rose bush in the ground and it looks like one of the daffodils will be awake tomorrow!

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