Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7,2014 I Wish Winter Wouldn't End

I really wish the day would start later.  Something decent, like around noon.

The chickens are a bit funny.  I opened the coop this morning and they all ran out but then must have decided it was too cold and they all ran back in.  I didn't get to see what they did after that because it's Friday.

Friday means paying the bills and buying some food before all the money is gone.   Today was a special Friday.  I also got to buy 150 pounds of various animal food.  It's still in the car.  I suppose it will help to give some weight since there's ice on some of the roads.  It would be my luck to end up in a ditch with 150 pounds of pet food strewn all over.

We spent our evening playing Go Fish with Lizzie (one of us is a cheater and licks the cards)

 I don't mind the ice or yucky things of this weather.  Especially in February and early March.  Most of the blogs I read are all bemoaning the endless snow and pronouncing boredom and plans for riots against the weathermen.  I see it in a completely positive light.

 Cardinal on a Mesquite Tree.  Foggy day, long grasses underneath

I'm not ready for Spring!  The weather, sure, but I don't have things ready yet.  If tomorrow was planting day outside I wouldn't be ready.  I'd even be disappointed with myself for not having things completed.  Disappointed that some things would be getting a half effort because it wasn't finished.  Disappointed because my plan was to work hard over the winter so there would be no hard work when spring came.  So I could enjoy my Spring.  All my beds would be cleaned out and compost mixed in with all the dirt.  All the dead things would have been cleaned out and moved to the compost pile.  All the tools, pots, buckets, and trash will have made it to their purposed spots.  All the fencing put safely away.  The lawnmower tuned up and anxiously awaiting it's first chance to mow.

Most of my plans are actually coming along quite well.  I proved true and completed the cucumber and grape growing area.  That's a huge relief.  The grape growing area does need some bun poo still.  I'm creating another area for growing potatoes.  I only started this yesterday.  I approximate needing 30 sq ft this year, allowing for spacing.  I have much work to to do to get this area ready.  The rest is making sure the beds are topped off and pulling errant weeds.  Then I will proclaim it Ready!

It should only take 2 days.  That's where things don't work out.  It's difficult to work outside in these kinds of conditions.  Although, the boys at the greencenter do give us weird looks for wanting dirt and seeds right now.  One can only ignore the biting cold on the hands for so long.  The hoop house is a blessing to work in when there are winds or rain. 

We should have been able to complete some more over the weekend but a minor travesty occurred.  Jace decided to take his car into the shop to get something fixed.  It's going to cost more than what the car is worth.  Now we are blessed because we didn't get the camper this past week.

The rest of the weekend will be spent scouring the internet trying to find the elusive .
vehicle he's searching for.  I have found 6 within 100 miles of us.  Jace will have to gather the rest of the information and make his choice of which one he wants.

I hope next week isn't so pressing on my time.

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