Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014 A Brief Note

Another day and the flu remains.  I've had this kind of illness before.  Another day and wake up feeling just as bad as the day before.

Something fascinating that happened is Jace was picking up some free wood and came home with a bunch of picket fence panels.  He's going completely in on my idea of a cottage garden for cutting flowers in one part of the yard.  I've since been going over in my mind how I would like it to look.

Spring brings such a flurry of activity.  Both actual and mental.  As I become more serious about developing the property and gardens there's also so many mundane chores to consider.  Yesterday Jace moved the location of the water hose.  Mundane.  Today he will have to move out some tables that simply won't go with the new garden plan.  Mundane.  Sort of like a behind the scenes crew setting the stage for the big production.

The rest of my day was spent looking at gardening magazines and sketching out garden plans.  I find it very helpful to sketch out my plan as it helps me understand if a plant should be put somewhere else and what I need to finish to have the actual garden look like my plan.  It can reveal minor details I've forgotten about.  I have also found I might not be as certain about a particular area as I had thought.  

Although there are many things I'd like to get planted in the garden I must refrain.  There is still a month to go.  I must remain content with doing mundane chores now so I can spend my time simply enjoying my plants when Spring is in full bloom.  Patience must rule.  Winter is not yet done.

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