Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5, 2014 Mishmash

Labwork This morning I went and had some labwork done.  Just some yearly regular stuff.  Glad that is out of the way.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

It's a cold day here on the homestead.  It's around 38 and windy.  The temperature isn't too bad but the wind makes things uncomfortable.  Rowan wants to move our fairy house set up into the hoop house.  It might be kind of fun to play around in the hoop house today.

I saw a paper roses tutorial at A Delightsome Life. I need to watch the video first.  Here's some I found 1, 2.  I think these so pretty.  I'd love to make a dozen or more of these and put them all around the house.  Roses are so calming to me. 

I finished digging up the area for grapes and another fruit tree.  Now I've moved on to digging up a place for planting potatoes.

I got some great deals on magazine subscriptions from Discount Mags.  I picked up Smithsonian and Mother Earth News.  I found the site thanks to Mavis.

I want to make some shelves for the plants in the hoop house.  It needs a more comfy feel.  I've seen some pics of chairs and I might construct something with some scrap wood.

Here are some pics of things around the homestead today.

The apple tree.

 Zinnias sprouting.


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