Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014 Buying A Truck

Today we are supposed to go buy a truck to replace Jace's almost dead car.  The weather is cloudy and around 38 degrees.  This is actually perfect weather to shop because who else shops for a vehicle in yucky weather?  I like to think we're going to make some salesman's day today.  They probably think they are getting up, going to work, and just going to sit there all day not making any money.  A little fantastic don't you think?

If I wasn't doing this today I probably would be sanding the china hutch.  I haven't gotten any further due to a lack of opportunity to sand.  I have faith there will always come bad weather days and I will get it done.

Many hours later...

It's the end of a very long day.  And we are back home without a truck.  We were very productive, though.

*We have financing through our bank.  This is good because it gives us bargaining power with a dealer.

*We found a couple of trucks and are sort of playing the waiting game to see if they really want our business and will call us back tomorrow.

*We have found a few more on the internet since getting home and sent emails out to the dealers. 

Now I need to go read up on how not to get swindled with warranties and such. 

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