Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014 More Gardening Stuff

0815  Better get up.  Doctor appointment today and I'm getting a new palm sander.  Hee hee. 

When I let Lizzie out it seemed like a fairly nice day.  Cold, but maybe some sun.  A little early to know for sure.  I hope the chickens are getting used to not being let out till around 9.  Is this bad?  I know they are getting big.  Chicken dinner coming soon.

Ok, I'm going to finish my coffee and read blogs.  I've been meaning to get a blog list up on this blog.  I'm also looking for new blogs.  I don't have a lot to read because the blogs I do read aren't posting much right now.  It seems to go in waves.

0200  I am back from my doctor visit.  It looks like I will live for much much longer.  Great news since it was just a check up.  One more doctor visit next week and I will have completed my yearly/biannual doctor visit routine.  I really loathe having to go see the doctor.  It's so boring.  I want to play.

Rowan and I stopped by Lowe's, ONLY for the palm sander.  We of course left with more than that.  

Spring is so tempting.  I'm becoming a temperature nerd due to the hoop house and now own TWO thermometers.  This one with the little birds attaches outside my kitchen window.  Jace wants a digital one.  I'm sure we'll get one.  Rowan needed new gardening gloves.  I got a peony bulb.  It says, "Guaranteed to grow."  Ha!  We'll just see about that.  A few packs of flower seeds, a blueberry plant, and some seed potatoes.

 I planted the blueberry in a 3 gallon container using a mix of soil, mulch, and bun poo.  Isn't the rug neat?  Jace put it into the hoop house.  It reminds me of glamping.

 I found this in the garden.  There's a couple more.  I'll need to decide soon what to do with them.  It's a kolrabi which I haven't grown before.

I found 7 of these.  This is a daffodil...I think.

I've found some new blogs which I hope to get listed soon.

Jace brought home a present!  I'll post it tomorrow. 

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