Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28th, 2014 Sanding the China Hutch Is Not Going As Planned

0830  Waking up back on the homestead.  I'm done with work till the end of the week.  The weather is 28 degrees and showing some freezing rain or snow.  It's 47 degrees in the hoop house.  It'll be an inside day here.  I'll be going out for an eye appointment.  I purposely scheduled all my doctor checkups during this time of bad weather.  It does look like Thursday and Friday will be nice days.

I need to work on the blog appearance.  It's on the same list as needing to put away laundry and needing to plant my okra seeds.  I did soak the seeds but now they are sprouting in the water.  I might need to redo soaking the seeds and planting.

I've been enjoying eating dried fruit that I keep stored in jars instead of their ugly plastic wrapper.

Onslo is a dog who thinks he's a bird because he made a nest with his blanket.  He's refusing to come out.

0315  My sanding project came to a halt.  I need to palm sand the china hutch I bought the other day.  I got everything ready and the palm sander does not work.  It's been sitting around for much too long.  Looks like tomorrow I will go get a new one.  I don't want to let this project wait too long or it won't get done.   

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