Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22,2014 Technical Stuff, Getting Up to Speed

0700  Wake up and give up going back to sleep.  Let Lizzie out.  Onslo pretends to be asleep because it's too cold for him to go out.  It's cold so the chickens will have to wait.  Start the coffee.

0720  Get coffee.  Listening to Placido Domingo.  I was thinking last night about how I wanted to write/arrange posts.  It may be easier to draft a post through the day and then post it at night.  This is why I'm posting the time to start with.  

0800 Let the chickens out of prison and start the day.

Some of these I have already finished.  Many things just won't apply to my homestead so I skip over them.  I can't have cows, goats, horses, sheep, llamas, camels or donkeys on this property.  

This is probably a hyacinth.  Or a tulip. or a daffodil.  I was lazy about labeling last fall.  It's still early for this to be coming up.  Maybe Spring will be here early.

I started planting seeds in the greenhouse today.  I didn't have any popsicle sticks for labeling but I did have a lot of plastic forks, knives, and spoons, and a sharpie marker!  I forgot I needed to soak okra seeds overnight so I didn't plant those.  Here's what I did plant:

Cosmic Carrots-outside
Chantenay Red Core Carrots-outside
Apple Melon-1 pot
Boule d'Or Melon- 1 pot
Charentais Melon- 1 pot
Fordhook Zucchini- 2 pots
Florida Market Eggplant- 1 pot
Japanese White Egg Eggplant- 1 pot
Long Purple Eggplant- 1 pot
Red Bell Pepper- 3 pots
Boston Pickling Cucumber- 1 pot
Marketmore 76 Cucumber- 1 pot
Marketmore Cucumber- 1 pot
Straight Eight Cucumber- 1 pot
Gypsy Tomato- 3 pots
San Marzano Tomato- 3 pots
Black Krim Tomato- 3 pots
Uncle Mark Bagby Tomato- 9 pots
Red Wonder Wild Strawberry- 2 pots (daughter spilled the seeds)
Purple Tomatillo- 1 pot
Marsh Mallow- 1 pot

Most of these were bought from Baker Creek Seeds. They are my favorite place to get seeds.  Others I pick up here and there at different places.  Most are organic.

Today's Weather:  partly cloudy, a mild wind, temperature in the mid 60's.

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