Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014 Back To Warm Weather

0930  Yes, I slept in and it was wonderful.  I've been getting up early for a thousand years and I decided I would sleep in today.

No pee pee/poo poo accidents from the dogs.  This day is going swell already.  Let the dogs out.  Onslo had to be carried out.

Went outside to let the chickens out.  It's not even cold outside.  The chickens are very happy to be released from their oven.

I checked on the hoop house.  Better unplug the heater.  It's 90 degrees in here!

0945  Drinking coffee.  My original plan was to do the minimum.  The bare minimum only and not take on any tasks today.  However, in light of the beautiful day today, I will have to go outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

I worked in this corner for a little while.  This is how most of the yard looks and has to be completely dug up and redone.

To the right is where I'll plant cucumbers.  I created this path in the middle so I can get around the cucumbers and to the back of the garden shed.  The rocks I used to line the edge were all rocks I dug up in this small area.

I only had time to dig up a little more.  I'll keep working in this area.  I imagine planting grape vines along the fence line and maybe a fruit tree and some flowers. 

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