Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21,2014 Introduction

Hi, my name is Julie.  I live in Central Texas.  I live on one acre of land.  It's technically barely over at 1.11 acres.  I feel like it's too small.  Being from Texas I must feel bigger is better.  Maybe my eyes are bigger than my capabilities.  They are bigger than my bank account, that's for sure.

The cast of characters for this blog:

Julie- homesteader extraordinaire
Jace- doting husband, compliant guinea pig,
Rowan- daughter, 8 year old homeschooler
Onslo- 6 year old Chiweenie
Lizzie- short for Elizabeth Belle, 9 month old miniature schnauzer
Peppermint- 9 month old white siamese cat
Rabbits- Lord Boone, Jane Doe, 5 meat buns
Chickens- 11 Speckled Sussex (7 are going to freezer camp)

No actual work was done today.  I'm off to a disappointing start here.  I thought it would be best to set this blog up on a day when things were fairly boring.  Most things do not take a large amount of time.  This is necessary due to homeschooling taking a prime portion of the day. 

The dogs were let out.  The chickens were let out and watered and fed.

The weather was clear and sunny with temperatures in the mid 60's.

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