Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014 Ice Storm Results and a China Hutch

0730  Up with the coffee maker.  I thought Jace was up so I was actually tricked into getting up.  Let the dogs out.  They were naughty and made several piles of poo.  Not what I like waking up to.  But let's face it, if they are too chicken to go out in the cold, then they're going to poo on the floor.

0735  Poo cleaned up.  Still no Peppermint.  I let her out last night and it was sleeting.  I checked for her several times up until midnight.  I'm pretty sure she's a popsicle and we'll have to wait till Spring to get a search party gathered to find her.

I went and checked on the chickens.  Surprise!  The lock is frozen so I can't let them out.  Off to the hoop house to get some scissors to break the ice.  I check the temperature in the hoop house.  Yippee!  It's a balmy 40 degrees in here.  It's 27 outside.  Maintaining 13 degrees difference is great.  It rarely gets below freezing here and the whole purpose of the hoop house is to get plants started early and not having them freeze.  The hoop house held up fine.  There's ice on the outside of it.  I worry that this will have an effect on it, like it will shatter.

I make it back to the chickens and bust open that lock.  They are tweeting like mad.  Out of the door they come.  Don't they know there's ice all over the ground?  They really seem to have a mob mentality.  Not particularly intelligent and they all join in.  "Yes, let's all jump off this cliff."

0800  Having my coffee.  Lizzie gives 3 short barks.  I go check, and yep, there's Peppermint.  She doesn't look bad and is eager to come inside.  Now I can relax.  Stupid cat.  Off to more exciting things now, paying bills.




I went to town to the resale shop.  I was planning on going to a few different stores.  I'm searching for some chairs for my table.  I have some rickety cheap chairs that just aren't holding up well.  I don't mind nice looking used things.  

I've been searching for a China hutch for a loooooong time.  I've found the right one many, many times, but the price has been too steep.  I saw this and thought, "Here we go again.  At least $900 I'm sure."  Instead it was $300.  It's solid maple.  I'll probably never see one this nice for that price again.  I will also keep it forever.  So I bought it right away.  I've learned that if it's an item you know in your heart of hearts you will use and keep for a very long time, you should buy it right away, otherwise it WILL be gone when you come back.  Contrary to the picture, I will not keep my shoes on it.

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