Friday, October 17, 2014

Sea World Home School Day

The other day we were able to take part in Sea World's home school day.  At $4 per person and free parking it was hard to refuse.  Now before you think that is unfair since a regular one day admission is $69, be aware that no rides, waterpark, or restaurants were open.  (The gift shop was open, naturally.) It was specifically to see and learn about the animals.

I printed off a self guided tour schedule and this Instructional Field Booklet which gave us info about the exhibits and posed several questions and answers about each area.  I appreciated that we could look at things in the order we wanted and could stop and talk about the animals and ponder questions of our own. 

First up, Sharks and The Coral Reef

A lot of my fish pictures didn't come out clear.  I forgot my camera and had to take these with my phone.  Fish are not good listeners and won't stay still.

 Did you know a sea horse is actually a fish? 


 Fine, turn your back on me.


 I could watch these guys all day.  The most relaxing animal to watch.


 The most unrelaxing animal to watch.

 Poison Dart Frogs.  Bad, bad frogs.




"Do not stand/climb on the fence."  Yep, that's mine climbing up the fence.  Bad Dad.

 Flamingos.  These two were having a spat of some sort.  It looked like they were arguing about who could eat the mud in that spot.

"I'm perfectly warm."  Flamingos stand on one leg and draw the other one up to their body to warm up, like we cross our arms to get warm.


 At lunch time everyone had to picnic.  After lunch there were two scheduled activities.  The first was watching the killer whales.  This lasted about 20 minutes.

 Here's a good overview of the crowd.  Easily several thousand people were there.

 The last presentation was Beluga whales and white sided dolphins.



 Their big forehead is called a melon.  It does the echolocation stuff.  So being called a melon head could actually be a compliment, right?

A momma and baby.


That concludes another wonderful field trip.  We've been very lucky to come across many wonderful opportunities for field trips this year.  I wonder what the next one will be? 

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  1. This so great! I'm glad I stopped by. I never knew Sea World had a homeschool day :) Yay! Thank you for sharing

    1. It was our first year of knowing about it, too. I think our mission for this year is finding really cool field trips.

  2. I love your photos! Sea World is such a neat place to visit! The marine life amazes me every time :) Thanks for sharing your fun field trip on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

    1. I think I was surprised by how many species of birds they have, also.