Sunday, April 5, 2015

Round Topped Out

I'm having a very big day of rest today.  I went to Round Top this past Saturday.  Boy am I pooped.  My dogs are barking and my calves are mooing!  I ended up with 35 pictures, although I wanted 100.  Sometimes my mind wandered off and I forgot I was supposed to be taking photos.  Anyway, here's what I saw at Round Top...

Round Top is full of style.  In fact, it's full of many different styles and multiples of the same style.  It's also full of some interesting and stylish people.  Thousands and thousands of them.

I started in an area with a lot of metal work and large pieces.

Beautiful stained glass.  Thousands to choose from.

These would probably make a great table.

Or I could prop my feet up on this industrial coffee table.

A lot of old parts could surely be repurposed into an intriguing design element.

Some things don't require much imagination.  I'd have a hard time putting one of these in my yard but I enjoying seeing them here every time.

Perhaps a refreshing drink of water?

If you've ever had chickens, you can appreciate these lovely looking egg laying boxes.

Animals seem to reign supreme out here.

I definitely missed this.  The funny is just so subtle.  

Would you like a ride?  What you can't see is all the dishes.  I really don't know how this booth sets up or packs up.  I probably wouldn't be far off in saying they have at least 10,000 pieces of china and glassware.

I loved this old door, though I don't know what I would do with it.  Maybe it's something you would see in a restaurant?

Lovely rusted pieces.  I had one weird experience where an owner said not to buy from them, but go further down where it was cheaper.  Of course I never found the other vendor.

I definitely should have bought this.  I have had a lot of moments kicking myself for missing out on some items.

So much silverware.  Can you imagine having to wash all of these?

Some more loveable metal.  I didn't see as many old stoves as I thought I would.

These are so gorgeous.  I am too chicken to even ask how much they cost.

Lots of toys.  Fire engines and military airplanes are popular.

A lovely toy cabinet.  Not a lot of dollhouses.

These typewriters were so neat!  I can't think of ever seeing one before.  There is a dial you turn to the letter you want and then press the big thing that looks like a space bar.  And those phones?  There's no dial.  I'm guessing the operator would have to connect you to your number.

You never know what you'll come across.  This little lady was holding up this pillar and she wasn't complaining at all.  So quiet.

This clock comes as close to something I've been looking for, which is Swedish.  It's hard to see in the picture, but there is a picture of a ship at the bottom of the clock.  Just out of my price range.  Sad face.

Chandelier tree!  I will need a chandelier, but now is not the time to buy one.  I'll have to pass for now.  These are lovely to look at in the meantime.

I shouldn't have seen this.  I was not happy.  The chandelier is quite pretty, yes.  The mistake I made was crossing the street to this venue, walking all the way through it, and finding it had nothing I was interested in buying.  My husband asked what was the "theme" in this venue.  I called it "faux rustic."  It's nice but it's also manufactured, new, I can find it all day long on the internet.  When time is at a premium I don't want to end up in an area with mass produced items.  If I was buying things for myself I would absolutely buy that chandelier and stick it in my bathroom/laundry room/dining room.

This is my most favorite piece!  Of course it was sold.  How could it not sell?  I think if you have 12 foot ceilings there may be enough room in your house.  Absolutely gorgeous piece.  I hope they brought a lot of help to load it.

A smaller and still impressive piece.  All working drawers and bins.  If I get to a point I could sell bigger items, I would probably choose something like this.

An even smaller piece.  I can't remember why I didn't buy it.  Late in the day it becomes more difficult to figure out where something would go, how it could be used, and is it really authentic/original/able to sell.

Nice piece.  Is the color original?  Would it look better in a natural color?  Repurpose ideas?

I own a similar piece to this, which is probably why I thought, "Look at that piece, it's great.  You've got amazing taste."  I was also interested in the wooden boxes below and the gold wind.  Here was another big problem.  I would tell dealers PRICE YOUR STUFF.  If you have tons of customers, you don't have time to answer every question about how much something costs.  A lot of people are tired, too tired to ask you anything.  Or the dealer might want to bargain with you, just offer them a price.  I dunno...a dollar?  Well, now you're insulted.  See?  No one wins.  I walked away from more than 10 items because there was no pricing or not helpful at all in getting to a price.

Clever...price was good.  I didn't buy it.  Another miss.  I have a feeling I'll run into something similar, or even the complete actual machinery I can tear apart on my own.  This is a good piece for using in juxtaposition vignettes.

Fabulous display!  I love the banner.  Lots of draping.  A nice piece of furniture that looks shabby but is cleaned up enough to not have spider webs, etc.  Cute lights and little signs.  I was on the hunt all day long for a little sheep...or cow...bucolic country life.  No dice.  I did find one sheep but it had been painted with pastel polka dots......whut?

I think I need some relaxation.

I think I'll just go get in line and hopefully get home by dark.  This line extended both ways from horizon to horizon.

Overall, I had a great time, saw some original items, bought some sought after items for the shop, and came up with a plan for the Fall show.  Yes, I will be going back.

In my next post, I hope to share with you some of the items I did find.

Think I need a nap.

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